22 October 2014

I love to travel. How about you?

In a fast paced, rigid and comfortable society like Singapore, travelling has become a part of me to explore the unknown and experience cultures in the world.

Of course it is also an escapade from stress from work and life in Singapore too. :)

I plan most of my travelling in advance (of course since I'm a freelance travel planner as well) getting cheap air tickets and accommodations. And plan my itineraries in details when I travel to countries with sophisticated rail systems (such as Japan and Taiwan).

I hate travelling with group tours simply because it is way too expensive and often the itineraries are so jammed pack that one can hardly immerse and enjoy the atmosphere. And group tours may not be really suitable for those with elderly or kids.

Now how about you? If you too like me loves to travel free and easy but always got stuck in the itinerary, I can help you:)